Ágoston Tóth wood carver, furniture-restorer

About me:
  I was born in Székesfehérvár in 1971, where I am practising at present as well.
  I always looked at the old things, the ancient masterpieces of furniture with great admiration, attraction and interest.
  With the progress of time „I dug in” the mysterious and attractive world of this profession even more embarrassedly and consciously.
  I am always working with great professional appreciation and respect towards the old artisans!
  „If an old nice piece of furniture could talk! -…! ”
  This view of life determines my relation, attitude to the wood–as a natural living material –as well.
  For me every single work is a challenge and showcase, some kind of impression.
Through creation and its product I can cross my limitations with which I can transmit the feel of joy of beauty and wonder towards people.

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  By wood carving and furniture restoration, I perform all working phases on my own, this way–if requested–the clients have the possibility (online or through a photo documentation) to follow up every single step of the „re-born” of their pieces of furniture personally. This is a great advantage contrary to the „industrial volume production”!
  Each working process is encircled by a special attention, if the character of the work requires I am working with traditional materials and technologies. 
  The pieces of tarnished furniture, which have won back their old pomp, are adjusting themselves to the certain period of art and are getting out of my workshop with the features of the style of the furniture–beside the high-class professional quality and expertise–while keeping in view the requirements and wishes of the client as well.
Professional past and present: 
  I started the profession at a limited liability company in Budapest in 1990 that was dealing with restoring.
  In the frame of the company we were restoring and gilding Baroque altars.  We renovated the icons and set of furniture of the Orthodox church of Ráckeve, Székesfehérvár and those of several other churches in Hungary. I took part in the renovation of the Baroque set of furniture of the sacristy of the Abbey of Tihany and in the renovation of the Saint Stephen Basilica in Budapest. On behalf of the Archbishopric in Kalocsa we were performing restorations within the walls of the archiepiscopal palace. I was also working on the internal renovation of the Karoly Mansion (library) in the Baross Street, Budapest and the Cultural Centre of the Post in Benczúr Street as well.
  In 1992 I started to work for the Barokk Bútorkészítő Rt. We were making inlaid, carved Baroque period furniture.
   In January 1995 I became a private entrepreneur. The main profile of my enterprise is the renovation, restoration of the pieces of antic and old furniture and the preparation of articles for personal use and ornamental pieces, sculptures, trophy holders etc.
  I have been active as an intellectual freelancer since 2002.
  A carved scene from Bethlehemconsisting of 17 figures was prepared for the Seminary Church and National Home for Priests in Székesfehérvár in the period when I was working independently.
  The decorative carving of the entire new set of furniture of the Roman Catholic Church in Pusztazámor and Saint Donat Chapel in Székesfehérvár.
  The renovation of the high altar of the Roman Catholic Church of the parish Kocs in the Komárom-Esztergom county.
  Restoration of the case of the inlaid standing clock from the 18. century (from the age of Maria Theresa) in the Diocesan Collection of Székesfehérvár.
  Wood carver work of the oak-tree portal of the textile shop in the Main Street of Székesfehérvár.
  My carved works with individual design are decorating the home of private persons all over the country and in several European countries as well.
  I prepared a great number of pieces of new, carved furniture with individual design.
  I restored a lot of pieces of antic, old and period furniture for private persons, retail dealers at home and in Austria as well. 

Foundation for the Hungarian Handicraft: Bethlehem’s crib exhibition.  Budapest  1996.
World Exhibition of Church. Pompei  1998.
Cultural Centre in Siófok: Exhibition of contemporary artists. Siófok  2000.

I  undertake:
The entire repairs and restoration of antic, old and period pieces.
Replacement of carved pieces (feet, arms, headers, rosettes, etc.).
Inlay and veneer works.
Manual polishing of the pieces of furniture (polishing, waxing).
Carving of ornaments and articles for personal use.
Sculptures, figures, relieves, inlays, pictures, picture-frames, frame of mirrors, lamps, wall-hangers, signs, drums, trophy holders, platters, ecclesiastical objects, wooden headboards, etc.
Engraving of texts, inscriptions.
On tables, main girder beams, grave markers, etc.
All types of wooden works.
Implementation of individual ideas. 

Thank you for your honouring interest! 
With best regards: Ágoston Tóth